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Joining and Rules

Can you read or write? Well then, that means that this group is perfect for you! Writing-Rampage is here for writers and non-writers alike. You can submit your work and browse other writer's work. This group is here to offer support for unseen writers, and for non-writers who just want to find good DA literature.

:bulletred: There are no limitations on joining. Anybody is allowed to join. :)

:bulletorange: We offer prompt challenges and contests periodically!

:bulletgreen: Please, no more than 8 literature contributions a week

:bulletblue: We do not accept poetry in digital art format.

:bulletpurple: If you have a mature tag, it goes into the “Mature-ONLY" folder.

:bulletblack: Chapter works go into “chapter prose.” Single pieces go into “prose.”

:bulletgreen: If your work is denied, it's probably because it was submitted to the wrong folder.

:bulletpink: There is to be NO flaming of the art that is submitted to our galleries. If you don't have anything nice to say about it, then don't say anything at all. Constructive criticism is okay, but if the only thing you have to say about it is hateful, then do not comment. This is an art community, therefore deviations should be respected as such.

Thank you for following the rules!

Group Info

Writing-Rampage is a group that allows you to post your literature for critiques, participate in contests, discover unseen lit-artists, and we will offer writing tips and tricks to help you improve your writing.
Founded 4 Years ago
Feb 14, 2010


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Art Collection

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3,327 Members
2,797 Watchers
35,620 Pageviews
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Group Announcement:

There is now going to be a five deviation a week cap on all folders. This is due to the group's ever growing size and the amount of times there have been people not being considerate of the submission rules or the voters' time. My apologies to those who submit daily, but this is put in place for the sanity of everyone and in hope to stop 80+ submissions from one deviant at a time. It's sad to say this was put in place because of a few cases, but it really--really needed to come to a stop.

Contest Winners!

A special thanks to:

:iconsmith4891: :iconsrtw: :iconpaleauthor: :iconcaffeinated-bunny: :iconcontinentimpostor: :iconlanos-lovahs: :iconthelastofthefirst: :iconsafyresky: :iconfawn-de-menthol: :icondreamworld88: :iconprincessemeralds: :iconc4--frosty: :iconsafyresky: :iconengland3: :iconapocalypse-writing: :iconezradeacon: :iconlittlefatmonster: :iconalphamanifest: :iconirrevocablefate: :iconkurt-jarram:

+All the articles that spread the word.

Also, another special thanks to the judges Kurt-Jarram, smith4891 and IrrevocableFate

All non-point prizes from other members are hopefully to be distributed in the near future. If it has been a reasonably long time and the winner has not received their non-point prizes, make sure to contact me, Naktarra, in a note telling me what you are missing.

Honourable Mentions

:CE: First Day Back
First Day Back
It was my first day back.
Now let me tell you something; the first day back is always the most awkward as you try to readjust to the familiar settings. That's how I was feeling when I arrived. It had been days since I came back to this place. I had been gone for awhile now; gone on a big trip around the world to work on my training. My brothers had went with me, each of us getting stronger with each passing day.
But something remained weak inside.
It was a fragile thing people called a heart. Now, to be perfectly honest, I've never really fallen in love. Girls were icky when I was a kid, and as a teenager all I could do with the opposite gender was mess around in bed after getting drunk at a party. But there was this one girl. I've known her for awhile now; I guess you could say something about her caught my eye.
She wasn't like the other girls I dated. Oh no. She was perfectly competent and preferred not to be pampered. She was independent. Smart. Perfect. She wa

First Day Back by kuku88

Demon Eyes [Contest Entry]
    That day lived inside me like dangerous disease. You were contagious. You and that goofy smile of yours.
    I couldn't help but love you.
    But you were a normal boy. One who could live a perfectly normal life. With a perfectly normal family. With a perfectly whole heart. With two perfectly normal eyes.
    Those eyes.
    Radiant and sparkling, like the ocean with the sun's rays bouncing off. Blinding me.
    But whenever I look in the water's reflection, I don't see the sparkling sunlight. I see only imperfection. I see only the cursed boy who lived alone in the alleyway.
    These puddles I stared at showed the truth. My eyes were those of a demon's.
    With my demon eyes, I watched you past by every day. You never noticed the ragged, cold boy in the shadows.
    But I'd rather keep it this way then let myself fall in love.
    Alas, it was inevitable. I'd caught a di

Demon Eyes by RinKagamineluvr

Third Place

Living memoriesThe way to the little house is covered with weeds.
She remembers the stones under her bare feet, wet after a rainy day.
They pricked her skin and she had to return to the grass besides the way.
She sees the big, old tree in front of the house, an old one, with a wide
trunk and big branches. The leaves are light green and singing their song
in the wind. Her father built a swing for her, which still hangs there.
She smiles. The memories of her childhood are good ones. At this time
everything seemed to be alright and the cruel world outside the garden
and house couldn't harm her.
Her mother was outside on a day like this, sunny and with very little clouds
at the sky. She cared for her tomatoes and potatoes, salad and strawberries.
And for her little daughter, swinging back and forth, long brown hair,
She can still see the little acre, now overgrown with green grass,
dandelions and thistles.
Near the tree stood a table with the best lemonade Janet could imagine.
It was some kind

Living memories by Shari01

Second Place

Dragons and the Highway"Dragons and the Highway"
By Jeremy Johnson
Driving home at 4 am.
The sprinklers water business lawns
in their secret mist, except
for one rebel, gushing straight up,
a geyser against the smoky skies
As the moon lights up its last cigarette.
Victimized, the nocturnes launder their cowls
and fall asleep before they finish their prayers
for vengeance, damning their soft, soft eyelids.
These are dragons that live as people.
They sleep like people sleep.
Not but a few hours prior, they were chasing
Swinging flails in their claws, magic maces
and scepters with iron spikes, thirsty
for no blood in particular, and finding none.
No demons left to slay, long nights
resume the throne as nemesis.
Desperate, the dragons strike
at sprinkler heads. Defeated.
It will take all day
for my cowl to dry.
But at least people
will see my geyser
and know that I was there.

Dragons and the Highway by Schofield-Alan

First Place

DisruptedThe terminal's glow protruded from the screen, grew through the air and eventually died on my face: a blue hymn of cognizant numbness. A chorus of tip-tap-clicks played a symphony of sporadic notes while the rain pummeled the roof. The LANders Lounge was a common refuge for those weary of the exhaustions of social niceties and atrocities: a mecca for tuning out with movies, games and internet alter-egos. I was surprised to see how busy the Lounge was considering the awful weather that night, but I suppose it's good being alone together, right?
Then, suddenly our god deserted us: heat, light and entertainment all snubbed out with the indignity of an omnipresent sear of lightning and swelling orchestra of thunder. Everyone cooed their surprise and rattled off their nerves in halting laughter. A room moments ago brimming with hums, whirs, mp3s and games suddenly became a mausoleum of anxious statues jerking their eyes left and right to see if their neighbors warranted the risk of attempte

Disrupted by Kelcobi

Congratulations to all of our winners and I can not express just how much gratitude I have to the success of this contest that started to collect points and prizes back in late March. I you are interested in a future contest, or any other community related ideas in this group, please state so down below.

Happy writing!
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Why is there suddenly a hard cap of 3 chapters per week? :(
Naktarra Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014  Student Writer
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An announcement would help. :)
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I'm really sorry. I do respect  Tradewinds and I would love to have the entire thing being able to be posted onto this group, but the problem really is those 1/50 people cases which create problems for having to come on everyday or I and some admins be overflown. I hope you understand that as a group gets bigger, more people submit. 

There will be a bigger announcement tomorrow, when the winners of the contest will be announced. :)

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