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Joining and Rules

Can you read or write? Well then, that means that this group is perfect for you! Writing-Rampage is here for writers and non-writers alike. You can submit your work and browse other writer's work. This group is here to offer support for unseen writers, and for non-writers who just want to find good DA literature.

:bulletred: There are no limitations on joining. Anybody is allowed to join. :)

:bulletorange: We offer prompt challenges, featuring articles and contests periodically!

:bulletblue: We do not accept poetry in digital art format.

:bulletpurple: If you have a mature tag, it goes into the “Mature-ONLY" folder.

:bulletblack: Chapter works go into “chapter prose.” Singles go into “prose.”

:bulletgreen: If your work is denied, it's probably because it was submitted to the wrong folder.

:bulletpink: There is to be NO flaming of the art that is submitted to our galleries. Please be a nice person, it's the best thing to be. :heart:

:bulletpurple: Feel free to advertise your writing, contests and friends in comments down below! Just remember to keep it spam free. :heart:

Thank you for following the rules!

Group Info

Writing-Rampage is a group that allows you to participate in contests, discover unseen lit-artists, participate in prompts, features and a whole bundle of fun!
Founded 5 Years ago
Feb 14, 2010


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Art Collection

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3,571 Members
2,940 Watchers
39,866 Pageviews
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Love Featuring: copper9lives and Nihil-Invictus

Welcome to the fourth edition of DeviantART's very own "What is Love?" article! This article aims to support writers and their day-to-day needs when thinking about doing writing while the WiFi is on. For the time being this may not be a regular article, but as a sister to the "Literary Almanac Monthly" and the DeviantART-Smiles project, it is in hope to be something to prod the minds of those who share the same space in the community as these lovelies. Heart


:iconnihil-invictus: Introduce yourself!

Hey there. My name is Colin, but around here I'm more well known as Nihil-Invictus. I am a sixteen-year-old demiguy with a penchant for being openly insane.

:bulletpink: Are you keeping up with NaNoWriMo?

Absolutely not. I have discovered I am a failure at writing long stories in general from multiple endeavors.

:bulletpink: Do you prefer to write long or short projects?

Short projects, definitely. With short projects, you can focus on capturing the tension in a single scene without ever bothering with a resolutions. I hate writing resolutions because I can never think of any logical ones.

:bulletpink: Any words of advice to those starting out on DeviantART?

Expect nothing. Do not think that anyone is obliged to see your work or care about the art you are creating. Do not seek to be noticed or acclaimed. If your art is brilliant, then it will be known, regardless of what you do to promote or detract from it. 

:bulletpink: Do you own many books?

By what standard? Haha. I estimate that I own roughly twenty-something novels. Most of them are going to be donated.

:bulletpink: How often do you participate in the literature community's events?

It certainly depends on which literature community you're referring to. I try to participate in SixWordStories's Weekly Spontaneity Prompt, as well as Writing-Rampage's Write Your Weekly Writing Prompt as much as possible. Occasionally I also participate in competitions from Letters-To-Myself and We-Write-To-Escape. 

:bulletpink: Where was your writing start?

My first serious attempt at writing was in middle school, when I was around 12. It was a satirical AU fanfiction called Firestorm, based on what I perceived to be the social hierarchy at my school, and how people, regardless of their social ranking, were capable of behaving callously. I actually intended to get the novel published with my co-author, but after nearly getting scammed by a company I decided to drop the pursuit. I didn't really pick up the pencil after that since I had the misconception that writing was meaningless if no one ever read your work, but then I realized that sometimes putting the crazy thoughts in my head on paper are enough to bring me the catharsis I need. I've been sporadically turning out poems and short stories ever since. 

:bulletpink: If you could give anyone a big squishy hug, who would it be?

I never give anyone big squishy hugs. People give me big squishy hugs because evidently, the invasion of personal space is the only way humans can show affection.

:bulletpink: Do/Would you write for a living, or do/would you consider it to be a hobby/side project?

I don't write for a living by the strictest definition--meaning that I do not make a financial living off of my work. Writing, however, keeps me alive. I couldn't imagine going back to letting all my volatile emotions brew and simmer inside of me without any release.

:bulletpink: Do you have any favourite quotes you want to share?

My personal favorite is from Albert Camus: 
"There is but one truly serious philosophical problem, and that is suicide."
It is the opening like from The Myth of Sisyphus, a novel that explores whether or not suicide is a justifiable choice in a life that seems to have, ultimately, no meaning.

:iconcopper9lives: Introduce yourself!

Hi! :wave: I'm Catherine Fischer, but you can call me Copper. I'm a veterinarian, poet/storyteller, amateur photographer, epicurean, jewelry-maker, self-confessed crazy cat lady, mermaid, and dabbler in all things creative. Currently, I have several short stories on the fire, am finishing writing my fan-fiction novel, am making custom author literature tags, and am writing features as an admin for nine groups here on :devart:! Whew!

Bullet; Pink Are you keeping up with NaNoWriMo?

Alas, NaNoWriMo intimidates me — never mind that I'm most of the way through a fan-fiction novel! But I've been reading snippets of friends' works, and have been enjoying the process as a voyeur.

Bullet; Pink Do you prefer to write long or short projects?

As a writer, I'm really a poet at heart. While I will admit to being TERRIBLE about creating the world's worst run-on sentences (and I speak the same way), I tend to prefer short and sweet... possibly, I'm just striving for succinctness. :laughing: I always fall short — I'm too addicted to purple prose!

Bullet; Pink Any words of advice to those starting out on DeviantART?

:wave: Hello, new deviants, and welcome! This is a WONDERFUL community — supportive, creative, inspiring, interactive. My words of advice: INTERACT! Get involved! Join groups and participate in their events! Eventually, when you're comfortable with the interface, consider giving back to the community by becoming an administrator for a group — most groups seem to be looking for committed individuals to fill one admin role or another. And if you have the pocket change, I recommend investing in :points: — they're great for commissions, raffles, supporting groups you believe in, and supporting artists who need the help.

Bullet; Pink Do you own many books?

Oh, goodness, yes! I have four enormous bookcases PACKED with books — and those are only the keepers! I also have a large e-book collection (I love never being without a book). Only one of those bookcases is filled with medical texts! The other books I have range from science fiction and fantasy, to texts on ancient languages, to poetry, to graphic novels, to classic literature, to the various sciences… I love books. Love recommending them. Love loaning them. Love finding the rare and out-of-print ones.

Bullet; Pink How often do you participate in the literature community's events?

How often? My goodness… as often as I can, of course! As I'm currently responsible for the weekly themes and features for seven groups, mostly, I try to involve myself with those prompts (and the monthly contests and events with those groups). However, projects like The Writer's Smile and your own project, S.M.I.L.E., encourage such a supportive and positive environment I often get drawn into them...

Bullet; Pink Where was your writing start?

I began writing poetry (and publishing it in children's magazines and poetry contests, thanks to my mom) when I was seven years old; my dad was reading the Lord of the Rings aloud at the time, and I was vastly inspired by Tolkien's sweeping archetypes. But while I began writing (or attempting to write) epic poetry, I loved word-play even then — possibly I inherited it from my dad, who was a linguistics major in college. Here's something I wrote when I was seven (the only thing I can remember, off the top of my head):

"Nobody likes gnats
Who sits on their backs
All day long and nibbles."

(Yes, I knew that wasn't good grammar, even then.)

Bullet; Pink If you could give anyone a big squishy hug, who would it be?

Ooooh... I love giving big squishy hugs! I would say my bffplz johnmin93, for all the wonderful creativity and inspiration he shares with me; Wynnifredd, because she's my evil twin; KittehMei, because she's an awesome artist and a lovely person; RoslynnSommers, because she's also an awesome artist and a terrific friend; Sky-Full-Of-Stars and LauraMizvaria and sylveda for being the wonderful people they are; and many of the tremendous movers and shakers in the :devart: literary community, for the many, many, many ways they bring us all together! (SilverInkblotTwilightPoetessLadyLincoln, I'm looking at YOU!)

Bullet; Pink Do/Would you write for a living, or do/would you consider it to be a hobby/side project?

Oh, this is play, definitely. I was too cowardly in college to consider trying to write for a living... so I'm a veterinarian, specializing in pathology. If I can ever get my thesis written (oh, the irony)...

Bullet; Pink Do you have any favourite quotes you want to share?

I'll leave you with a little Dorothy Parker, because I adore her...

"I love to have a martini
Two at the very most
Three and I'm under the table
Four and I'm under the host!"

...But I'm going to have to quote Groucho Marx, too, since I'm both a reader and a vet:

"Outside of a dog a book is a man's best friend.
Inside of a dog it's too dark to read."

Bullet; Pink Do you want to give a shout out to any artist(s) or writer(s) in the community? 

Oh, I kind of already did, LOL! However, I'll just give a nod and a wave to two new favorite poets out there: Scarlettletters, and BlackBowfin. Check them out! And do check out StyleOverSubstance — this is SilverInkblot's amazing Distinctive Literature project/game! OH! And if anyone feels like helping out a couple of GREAT literature groups, please look at the supergroup raffles of TheWritersHaven and Writing-To-Save! THANK YOU!!!

Happy keep on keeping on!

Naktarra, copper9lives AND Nihil-Invictus

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